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Democratising impact measurement for social purpose organisations.

  • Automating research, monitoring and evaluation processes

  • Demonstrating the social & economic value they create

  • Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals

ConnectGo is an online platform that enables agencies to automate their

research, monitoring & evaluation processes. 


Data about stakeholders’ beliefs & behaviours is crowdsourced; automatically

cleaned and transformed so that it can be analysed & visualised in real time. 


Clients develop digital fluency so that data informs decision making and

enhances their ability to communicate impact. 

Difficulties demonstrating the return from social change investments impedes achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2019)


The Sustainable Development Goals are a social value charter for the planet.


Investing in them makes economic, environmental & social sense. But the financing

gap in developing countries is US$ 2.5 – 3 trillion per year (UNCTAD, 2014).


One reason for the gap is the difficulty in identifying, measuring & reporting on the

impact from sustainable investments (UN, 2019). 

ConnectGo democratises impact measurement by enabling agencies delivering

the SDGs to demonstrate the social & economic value that they create.

ConnectGo is an affordable online platform for social impact investors and

social purpose organisations to:

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